Mar 112008

I was seriously considering buying a mac (and some apple stocks seeing how they almost converted me) in order to get started with the iphone sdk and continue development of my app, but I came across this article on dual booting a pc with macosX leopard, ultimately this is going to be cheaper for me. And I’m pretty excited that i’m going to get a true unix environment on my pc (and delete cygwin).

update: I’m getting the “chain0 booting error” and am not sure how to fix it, however i can still boot in osX using F8 + rd=disk0s1 at the boot prompt for the atkos disk. Overall the osX experience is not so nice on my pc, since neither wifi nor lan cards are functionning, also the vertical screen resolution is limited to 1024 instead of 1280 and the screen is shifted to the left uncentered. I am now testing parallels to see if running with Vista will improve things (that’s unlikely imho).

update2: I have since then resolved my booting and network problems on my vaio sz120p; I had overlooked the customize button at install which lets you add extensions to your install. Here are the steps that I took to make it all work:

-my macOS partition space was too small so I had to move my windows partition to free some space up, at first I tried using the windows partitioning software, but it is very limited in that it does not move files within the partition and as such is practically useless for most situation; I then realized that partition magic is not working any more under windows Vista. My last but not least option was to use the Gparted which is an awesome tool to manage almost all your repartitioning tasks.

-I reinstalled macOsX making sure I enable the proper extensions, including the macOs bootloader which I didn’t have in the first place. Now my boot problem was all resolved, no more”chain0 booting error”. A side effect to that is that I do not see anymore that macOsX recognizes my pc as a laptop, maybe I picked the wrong kernel.

-I managed to get the Marvell Yukon 88E8036 network card working by following instructions from this post which also works under MacOsX leopard…

-Next step for me is to get the full screen resolution working as well as the wifi network card