Dec 132008

Finally I’m back at it… since I took on this new job at Illumina in june I haven’t had much time to spend here, but hopefully this isn’t going to be true for very much longer. Today I have been working on putting together and uploading all the pictures that I have done since the last ones I posted, they total up to about 10Gb so it’s going to take some time to get them all on the website. 


Feb 242008

Today I’m still uploading all my pictures onto the server, I’ve been at it since the middle of the week, and this is starting to take forever. So far I’ve uploaded 10Gb of pictures and movies. Probably half the pictures will not show on the final galleries since they are redundant or just bad. Also I still don’t know what I’m going to do with the movies there is no way someone will be interested in downloading a 700mb movie just to see chikitito chew on a cardboard box for 5 minutes… perhaps there will be a way to convert those movies and post them on you tube, that would be the best. As for now it’s a convenient backup option.

I just purchased for lu, and I will transfer her blog to, that way she has her own separate website.