Apr 052008

Microsoft / business objects have changed the way Crystal Reports based applications can be deployed. It used to be complicated enough, now things have changed and apparently the documentation is scarce on the subject. I was sitting in a cafe a couple days ago trying to upgrade the source of one of my apps to visual studio 2008, I realized the crystal reports merge modules were not found anymore and wasn’t able to find any info about this in the documentation… god I hate that, everything should be findable in the docs (either the search function or the content have something to do with it, but somehow msdn docs can be unsettling sometimes). I found the solution to the problem as soon as I got connected to the internet.

It used to be be that you could deploy a Crystal Reports based project using merge modules, the new way to deploy crystal reports under visual studio 2008 is to use a redistributable msi package located under “C:Program FilesMicrosoft SDKsWindowsv6.0ABootstrapperPackagesCrystalReports10_5CRRedist2008_x86.msi”. I haven’t figured out a visual studio UI supported way to deploy this package at the same time as my application, and it looks as if, for now, one needs to deploy crystal reports separately. I will post my solution to this problem when I find out how to do this.