Apr 052008

I went to TBS 3 series Rock Climbing competition yesterday evening, in Iron Works, Berkeley. I’m pretty happy with what I was able to climb. As always it was bit difficult to start and get the blood pumping in my body, I’m a lot better now at dealing with this than in my first comps. Still it took more than 2 hours to start feeling comfortable on the climbs and not to have to wait 10-20 minutes between climbs to get my arms to recover fully. Like I said I was pretty happy about my performance overall, this was definitely the comp at which I performed best, I was able to flash a V5, three V6s and a V7 unlike the other comps I went to in the past where I usually performed less well than my usual level this time I was right on! At the end of the comp while working on a V6 and after almost finishing it and everybody yelling in the background “finish !!!, come on !!”, because I was first one to arrive at this point, the weirdest thing happened, I was so pumped out that both my arms started cramping, biceps, shoulders and forearms !!! when I went down the climb my arms went upwards in the airs elbows flexed (my biceps contracting) and my hands were closing in a fist without me commanding it, although I didn’t feel pain as you usually do when you get cramps… Totally weird… But I called it quits at this point.