Mar 182009

Last Saturday I got my head shaved with Bottlewine and a few other co-workers from my past job at Children’s Hospital for a fund raiser to help research on infantile cancer, here are some pictures, I raised close to 700$. The fundraiser is still going on, here is a link to my st baldrick’s page if you would like to give some money:

st baldrick 004.JPGst baldrick 023.JPGst baldrick 080.JPGst baldrick 103.JPG

Dec 132008

Finally I’m back at it… since I took on this new job at Illumina in june I haven’t had much time to spend here, but hopefully this isn’t going to be true for very much longer. Today I have been working on putting together and uploading all the pictures that I have done since the last ones I posted, they total up to about 10Gb so it’s going to take some time to get them all on the website. 


Mar 082008

I never knew but I just found out a few days ago: St Nicholas is in fact Santa… and that’s not all: Barese people (people from the south of Italy near a city named Bari) – at least the ones that I know of – love to make gifts and are experts at it and that’s normal ! that’s something that had me feel a little insecure with my upbringing (which was particularly the opposite).

I was testing a new Google feature (the time line view is new to me at least) which lets you track how a certain subject has evolved across the centuries. I typed in the search the word Christmas and after exploring a bit I noticed the city of Bari (Lucia’s hometown) was mentioned ! I quickly wondered what does Bari got to do with Christmas ??! after reading a bit I read about the story of San Nicholas, whose Relics are deposited in the Santa Nicholas church in Bari after they were stolen about 1000 years ago. He was famous for attempting to give money anonymously to a poor merchant who couldn’t afford to pay the dowry for his 3 daughters, at which point he was caught and ever since renowned for being the symbol of gift giving. The tradition of Santa Nicholas was later fused with the Christmas celebrations.

Altogether this reading came as a revelation to me and explained a lot of things and why perhaps why Lu is so good at making gifts and remembering whoever’s wishes, I guess she’s taking her hometown’s traditions to heart!

Feb 282008

I unearthed one of my long ago written program for KOMP to present at ucsf to an audience who is interested in knocking out micro-rnas. I had to present it today, it seems things went well, although Lu who was here as well seems to say I wasn’t bragging enough, and that I’m not trying to sell my stuff enough. I have to agree: I hate to oversell something, and that’s how I’m made I guess; but I admit too, sometimes it’s nice to hear from someone (usually a good salesman) that what you’re buying into is such a nice product, and you’re already in love with it before you get a chance to see all the unironed bugs and lack of functionality… At least you’ve been in love for some time…

Feb 242008

Today I’m still uploading all my pictures onto the server, I’ve been at it since the middle of the week, and this is starting to take forever. So far I’ve uploaded 10Gb of pictures and movies. Probably half the pictures will not show on the final galleries since they are redundant or just bad. Also I still don’t know what I’m going to do with the movies there is no way someone will be interested in downloading a 700mb movie just to see chikitito chew on a cardboard box for 5 minutes… perhaps there will be a way to convert those movies and post them on you tube, that would be the best. As for now it’s a convenient backup option.

I just purchased for lu, and I will transfer her blog to, that way she has her own separate website.