Jul 132011

Just a picture of my fingers’ skin after a rough bouldering session at the circuit tonight. Pretty crazy what I put it through… In a couple days it’ll look like nothing happened…


Jul 222008

My boss walked up to me about naming the project I’m working on, then I was wondering “why the heck do we need to have codenames for projects” anyways, the answer to this question aside, I decided I’d google a bit about this and see what I fell on:


I never thought I’d be able to tag together any post with the main topics of my blog: C# coding and Rock Climbing, well I was wrong… watch me.


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Jun 152008

It’s been a while I haven’t come back here but hey… life is busy. Among other things I got a new job… I’m now working at Illumina in Hayward, Ca, who is in the business of sequencing DNA. So far I’m pretty happy with the environment they provide, everything I’ve ever dreamed of for a long time, lots of smart people, lots of nice technology, and a true enterprise setting… At last I can see what it’s like ! They are the current leaders in the market, let’s hope this is going to last and single molecule sequencing technologies are not going to hit us pretty hard. I’ve already completed a couple projects in Perl and Bash, however I will spend most of the time doing C# development.

I went for a few trips: for Damien’s birthday party I went to do some class 4 white water rafting in Auburn, it was pretty fun and scary in the rapids, especially this “tunnel chute” which is totally impressive, most of the time was spent paddling however, but it was still fun since we kept going at each other and sink each others out of the boats. There were some totally climbable boulders in the valley we rafted down, but they’re probably very inaccessible, but I could totally see some quality problems. Other than that I was surprised to see that some people are still looking for gold along the American River.

Last week we went to Mount Diablo and did some climbs that we don’t usually do, so it was a bit of a change from always going to the lower tier and climb the 90 foot wall.
We were supposed to drive up to Donner lake this week end and do some sport climbs up there, but we didn’t really get through with it, since we didn’t realize it was that far and half a week end is kinda short for such a trip. next time we’ll get it right…

Climbing wise I haven’t done so bad lately, last week I managed to send my first V9 and I also sent a V8 during that same session.

As far a software projects go, I’ve been kindda lousy lately and haven’t been able to finish anything while at the same time starting more things. A facebook app called sentit (i realized later rockclimbing.com does the same thing in better), and also my iphone Etcho App, which is still at the same point. Well I’m back on macOSX this week end and have taken forever to fix up my hackintosh bugs, but hopefully now we’re on the right track. My next post is about fixing those bugs, I don’t want to have to search everywhere again…

update: well I got the keyboard working yesterday but now it’s not working so my next article is going to have to wait…

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Apr 052008

I went to TBS 3 series Rock Climbing competition yesterday evening, in Iron Works, Berkeley. I’m pretty happy with what I was able to climb. As always it was bit difficult to start and get the blood pumping in my body, I’m a lot better now at dealing with this than in my first comps. Still it took more than 2 hours to start feeling comfortable on the climbs and not to have to wait 10-20 minutes between climbs to get my arms to recover fully. Like I said I was pretty happy about my performance overall, this was definitely the comp at which I performed best, I was able to flash a V5, three V6s and a V7 unlike the other comps I went to in the past where I usually performed less well than my usual level this time I was right on! At the end of the comp while working on a V6 and after almost finishing it and everybody yelling in the background “finish !!!, come on !!”, because I was first one to arrive at this point, the weirdest thing happened, I was so pumped out that both my arms started cramping, biceps, shoulders and forearms !!! when I went down the climb my arms went upwards in the airs elbows flexed (my biceps contracting) and my hands were closing in a fist without me commanding it, although I didn’t feel pain as you usually do when you get cramps… Totally weird… But I called it quits at this point.