Jul 132011

Just a picture of my fingers’ skin after a rough bouldering session at the circuit tonight. Pretty crazy what I put it through… In a couple days it’ll look like nothing happened…


Jul 102011

This week end I updated the blog software to wordpress 3.2, it’s going to be a lot easier to blog since I’ll be able to do it directly from my phone, and can probably link the posts to my Facebook wall and google+, and maybe even twitter; this will the end of my long lasting social networking abstinence. Can’t wait to see that happen!

Dec 132008

So over thanksgiving I’ve taken some time to work a little more on my secret iPhone project (or I should just say “my secret project” abstracting the iPhone altogether since until recently almost no iPhone API’s were called), and I’m pretty glad I’ve made a little progress from the point where I was stuck for a while now. I’ve started implementing things in OpenGL ES in the hopes to see things go very fast and some impressive rendering speeds however I was pretty disappointed by the outcome, I’m guessing the bottleneck is the arithmetic I’m doing so I’ve started considering using the vfp for the iPhone.

Lately as a result I’ve been looking into using the hardware a little more and that probably means that I will have to rewrite some parts of the engine 🙁 to make hardware acceleration more doable. 

I thought I’d share my little bit of research on google which gave me the following pointer to a very good place to start in order to exploit the iPhone vfp:  

update: I’ve been researching a bit more and it seems the iPhone vfp is more specifically a vfp11 co-processor for the iPhone’s processor (ARM1176JZF), for which I pulled the doc on the arm website:

arm 1176jzf-s pdf doc


Dec 132008

Finally I’m back at it… since I took on this new job at Illumina in june I haven’t had much time to spend here, but hopefully this isn’t going to be true for very much longer. Today I have been working on putting together and uploading all the pictures that I have done since the last ones I posted, they total up to about 10Gb so it’s going to take some time to get them all on the website.