Mar 202008

Today I was just approved for the iphone sdk developer program, which makes me one of a “select few” developers that can do native development on the iphone. I was pretty sure my application was going to be denied since there is nothing special about me or my application which could have made a difference. Anyways that’s very good news since that will give me a little head start to continue developing my app (for the moment I’m not giving any details about my app until I have something presentable and I know it’s going somewhere – or nowhere). After succesfully installing osX on my pc I was able to quickly port all my code over to the iphone sdk and I must say I was pretty impressed with it; it has all a developer could dream of to create apps really productively…

Anyways I haven’t been able to touch the sweet stuff yet as I’m still waiting on my order to be processed but will try to get back here to post some update.

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